3 weeks before your travel

Basic TO DO list:

  1. Preparing Backpack/bag. Making sure it stand out from the crowd and its well protected. Just think how many identical black, roll-on cases there are spinning around the carousels in airports. Adding stickers or flags will help.
  2.  Making sure You don’t pack anything You can’t bear to lose. Keep your precious items on your all the time.
  3.  Taking Photos for various Tourist Visas that You will need along the way.
  4.  Checking Travel Gear (ex. making sure all chargers, plug converters, work well).
  5.  Picking out clothes to pack. Making sure You can make each item most versatile as possible.
  6.  Going solo can force ‘choice-overload’ and inner freakouts so stop yourself from overbooking more then you need before you go. Keeping itinerary loose, open and flexible.
  7. Make a photocopy of all documents and itineraries. Leaving one copy with family is a great idea.
  8. Get it covered! Travel Insurance sorted.

hmm so far that’s what I have on my list. Maybe I’m missing something?



3 weeks before your travel

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