Few Days in Bangkok in 2013

UPDATED Re-post from the past (old blog entry) 2013

My flight to Bangkok was pretty OK. Only 14h long and with one stop in Abu Dhabi. I don’t like flying and being on the plane crumbled in a tiny seat with all those people around brrrrr. And dry Stuffy air sucks. Dry skin sucks. I can’t wait for the time when travel will be easier. I’m here! In Asia again with so much to See and Do.

I have been in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand for 4 days. I then relocated to Karbi. I would say it is enough time to get to know the city and feel its atmosphere. I’m slowly getting use to being a solo traveler again. It’s hard at the beginning, but it is geting easier, and it’s little more exciting. I can’t complain about being bored yet, as there is a lot of people here to talk to. Only sometimes in the evenings I get little stuck. I do not go out after dark, unless I have a bigger group from my hostel with me.

It’s my first time here, excluding my trip 3 years ago when I skipped the city, and took bus to the south, straight from the airport. Some say Bangkok is a very polluted and smelly place ((I have to admit that is true) but it is the home of many great temples and fun party spots. I’m trying to avoid shopping, and its Hard! Shopping is the main entertainment here, well maybe except drinking at famous Khao San Rd. I did visit some touristy attractions but I didn’t stress myself about it much. Mostly I was just chilling out in my cool Lub D hostel with my fellow travelers. I will write about Lub d hostel later, in a separate post.

Top things to see in Bangkok:

  • WAT ARUN (also called Temple of Dawn) Being there at sunset will enhance your experience.
  • Entertaining district in Bangkok is called PATPONG and its famous KHAO SAN Rd is the area with a vibrant night life
  • WAT PHO (also called Temple of the Reclining Buddha) You can take a ferry to get there.  HUGE reclining Buddha and hundreds of Buddha statuesare are Must see.
  • Siam square along with the MBK market is best spot for shopping and if you are looking for cheap options its best to wait till the weekend and visit Chatuchak Weekend Market
  • At the heart of Bangkok there is the GRAND PALACE and One of the most important things to see inside the complex is WAT PHRA KAEW (also called Temple of the Emerald Buddha).

SIDE NOTE:  You are going to visit temples, make sure to cover your knees and shoulders. And even if you wear jeans, they do not accept people in skinny jeans, so try to take a sarong or big scarf.


Few Days in Bangkok in 2013

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