Get a room!

There’s something about getting a place off the beaten path. There are plenty of ways to save money on accommodation and experience something different then empty soulless hotel room. People are always looking for more exciting & the cheapest value for accommodation they can find. Here are few websites I found and used: – you can make arrangements and stay for free with participating members at homes around the world. Simply create a profile with as much detail about yourself as possible, then send messages to people who offer lodging in the city you plan to visit.

If you are nervous if its safe to stay with strangers I don’t blame you. CouchSurfing take many steps to provide security. They offer various levels of verification. The best way to be more safe is to always check if there is a picture with the profile and profile has to be filled out. Then reviews. your own judgment. – a popular, similar to CouchSurfing site with alternative accommodation to hotels. It costs travelers money (but still much less than a hotel room) you can search for just a room or even rent a whole apartment or villa! – is a site where homeowners worldwide can pay to have their rental listed and rated by guests. –  is a market place for private accommodation to facilitate smarter and more local travel. 9flats claims to be the leader in Europe rentals. –  the other European player that works like Airbnb. It offers range from a room in a shared apartment to a penthouse &  private accommodation of all kinds.


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Get a room! Tips for Booking

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  1. Anisa says:

    I do like booking vacation rentals but haven’t gotten the courage up to do couchsurfing

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    1. kseniastar says:

      Yes its hard to sleep in unknown conditions! The best way its to contact the owner and have a feel of the place and him/her

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