You think you are TOO POOR to Travel! NOPE

You think you’re too poor to travel? I’ve heard it very often when I was talking about my travels with other people. Majority of people thinks their situation is special and they are not able to do things they wish they could. We all make excuses, because its so much easier, then sit down and plan how we can achieve what we want. How often do you hear people say “The gym is not on my way home” or “I can’t put any money on the side”?  People believe they will never be able to make their Dreams come true. Most people think what’s holding them back is money. Don’t get me wrong Money is very important, but its not everything. If you have health issues, visa issues, debts issues it will be all much harder for you. Not everyone is going to be able to travel, but from what I have seen, the reason that stop people is Wrong Mindset. If you don’t believe you can travel, you never will. It is the false belief that the circumstances are bad, and everyone who manage to travel the world is well off/privileged and lucky. Traveling is not a luxury anymore. Its more accessible then it use to be.

The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is You. I’ve met people on the road who traveled after earning minimum wage and they still manage to make it happen.

You will never look for ways to start traveling if you don’t believe its possible and you can do it. You will find many reasons why you can’t travel and ignore reasons to do so. How to overcome these obstacles you think you have? Choose to have positive mind set! Wake up every day and think “what I can do today to help me get closer to my Dreams”. Start looking for what you can do right now. Start slow and think about little things. Skipping that expensive night out few times a month? Putting that money away? is it worth it Upgrading that phone to the new model even if my old one is just fine? Cycle to work? Downgrade your TV or phone bill? Eating In instead of Eating out?

You can find many new ways to earn extra cash. Becoming a local guide or renting your spare room for people is a great way to start. Getting more creative and thinking about new ways of doing things will help for sure. As soon as you will start seeing a progress, you will have more ideas how to change things, and that mindset will give you new energy to come up with creative solutions of saving/earning money.

You will probably have to work much harder then before to achieve what you want. Nothing happens just because we believe in it. You will need to add that hard work to it. You will have to remove all the obstacles you have in front of you, and sometimes they are very hard to deal with. But for sure you will have a better chance in doing so, after you will change that Mind set from “I cant” to “I will try”.



You think you are TOO POOR to Travel! NOPE

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