Things you need to know when buying travel insurance

Buying travel insurance is a boring but very important part of planning your next long trip, holiday or weekend break abroad. Without cover, you could end up having to HUGE medical bill if something goes wrong. This is why you need to make sure the cover you are buying is right for your needs. Travel insurance is one of the most important things you’ll need for your adventures. It’s all-purpose emergency coverage and is the single most important thing you should pack. The world is full of insurance companies. You’re going to come across many in your searches but not all of the top results are the best.

Things to check:

  • If travel insurance policies have cancellation cover and how it works. Why? Because policies does come with various restrictions and get-out clauses.
  • Shop around Why? Because insurance offered by your travel agent or holiday company may not be the best out there. There are a lot of options out there.
  • Consider multi-trip policies. Why? Taking out an annual, multi-trip policy that will cover you for many more higher number of trips. It also works out cheaper.
  • Get the right level of cover. Why? Check the small print. Many policies have a low limits you can cover
  • Be honest about medical conditions. Why? Again Check the small print. Failing to declare it may result in cover being refused.
  • (OPTIONAL If you live in Europe) Get The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) Why? it will entitle you to state, medical treatment on the same basis as residents of those countries

A great policy will always include the following provisions:

  • Cover most countries in the world
  • Coverage for your Gear. Cover lost, damaged or stolen possessions
  • Cover cancellations such as bookings, flight if you have a sudden illness or some other emergency
  • Twenty-four hour emergency services
  • Cover injury and sudden illnesses
  • Have financial protection if any company you are using goes bankrupt

I dont want to recommend specific companies here, because things may change in the future, but the one I always used was World Nomads. I’ve been using them since I first started traveling.

Be smart and get travel insurance!


Things you need to know when buying travel insurance

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