General Travel Tips and Tricks

These are the best travel tips and tricks I have gathered along the way

  • Travel with a hand baggage. If you can try to avoid checking a bag. Instead travel light and go straight to your gate, avoiding long queues at the check-in desks (check in online from home and print your own boarding pass, or even better! download airline app and have your pass in the phone). This way you are avoiding language belt pick up area witch is the worst time-waster ever. If you cant check in online Check if your airport have Self-service kiosks. However weight and size allowances for cabin baggage vary widely from airline to airline so make sure to check that.
  • You need to know : “seat pocket in front of you” is not your friend. That is the place where you will loose things the most often. Easy to put your passport there and forget it!
  • At security checking at the airport, avoid getting behind the people with young children (people with young children please pick the side queues).
  • Manage your productive time. Dont waste time, to read or write, on the days when you could use that time to explore your location. Being it in a bus, train, plain will happen often. Traveling from point A to B is a perfect moment to do all that the work.
  • Earplugs or headphones are your friend. If you want to rest or just you dont want to talk to your fellow passages. Nothing says better, “I don’t care” then headphones.
  • Check if your Resort holiday operators are offering the option to check-in from your hotel.
  • How to avoid airport immigration queues?  Fly from a local smaller airport (with immigration services) where only few planes arrive. If its possible avoid main hubs.
  • Sit at the front or at the back of the plane. There is nothing more annoying then waiting for all the passengers in front and behind you emptying their overhead bins and moving on.
  • Use a biometric passport. A lot of international airports uses new self-service passport scanners. You don’t have to queue to the booth with person doing the scanning and your photo manually. biometric passport a chip inside which stores information about the critical features of your face, such as the exact distances between your eyes, nose, mouth and ears. You can tell if yours is biometric by the presence of a golden  chip.
  • Pay for fast track security. If can be long wait when you first arrive at the airport. Access to a fast-track security queue could be included if you are Club and business-class passenger. Several International airports have started to offer a similar service to all passengers who are prepared to pay for it extra. Its a huge time saver. Check that option on the airport site.
  • Baggage. When you are checking-in your backpack or language ask what airport sticker is on your items, and if you have a layover ask about your bag fate. Do you need to pick it up or it will be transferred automatically. Better ask then be sorry.
  • Transit visa . Please remember that you may also need a transit visa for the US or the UK, depending on your flight arrangements. Even if you are only at the airport folr a few hours.
  • Layovers. Make sure you have sufficient time to change your flights. Min 2h are required to make sure you will be able to switch, of course if they are in same airport. Its important to check your terminals, because they may be very far apart. Its always better to just first find your next boarding gate before relaxing and looking around for shopping opportunities. Not all layovers and connecting at the same airport or terminal. Some airports make you exit them first and check-in again before they let you to your next flight.
  • Multiple airports. Make sure you know exactly what airport you need to go when flying budget airlines. Some cities have 2 or 3 airports and they are spread far apart, so you may end up on the wrong one with no option to drive quickly to the right place in last min ex. Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur .
  • Sleep in the airport/train station if you can. Cost of getting from the airport to the city could be high. Check if airport allow sleepovers in its terminals. Remember to check if airport is heated during the winter (you would be surprised how many are not!) Some airports have an internal Hotels for the passengers who dont want to go out.
  • Try to purchase your flight on Tuesday Afternoon.

Note: This post was updated in 2017 to reflect recent changes in the travel industry, new experience, advice, and insight!


General Travel Tips and Tricks

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