Hostel etiquette

The hostel life is something that most travelers will experience at some point. Making friends is easy but keeping them can be hard. Lets talk about it. The unwritten rules of Hostel Life.

It used to amaze me how many people do not know the etiquette while staying at a Hostel, which is very often just a common sense. Lets rant a little bit. 

  • Talking in the dorms. Often late in the evening or early in the morning. Hello! Did you notice this Hostel has common area made just for that? I’ve encountered a big number of backpackers who believe that dorm means they’re the only one there.
  • Using hairdryer inside or close to the dorms. This will make you enemies for life.  As well  as using huge amounts of hairspray in a tiny dorm. Its a crime.
  • Loudly Packing your bag … late in the evening or early in the morning. Pack your bags as much as possible the night before. Not everyone have to love the sound of plastic bags being squeezed! I  would rather listen to someone snore than the stupid plastic bag rustling. Pack your stuff in resealable bags, like Ziplocks. They are blissfully silent.
  • Listening to music without headphones … Any time of the day is just Annoying. I don’t have to like your favorite dance track of the week.
  • Loudly trying to get to your bed drunk … Mostly at night-time. Well sometimes it’s even funny but mostly not so much.
  • Outside is where the party stops. And if you try to shout “wake up, life is to short for sleep!” You are basically dead to me, or soon to be dead. I may be not in the right frame of mind when wake up this way, and a little hurt your face.
  • For fuck sake, just to let you know, if you are one of those people who set an alarm, then continually hit snooze button, you may be the most hated person in the room!
  • Wearing wooden flip-flops any time of the day is a crime, and Yes I love to be woken up to that sound clog-clog-clog-clog….
  • Couples – just don’t do IT! It’s embarrassing and uncomfortable for everybody. Get a single room.
  • Floor is a shared territory and not your personal expo space. Deal with it!
  • Speaking about sharing: don’t eat other people’s food. Just because something is in the fridge doesn’t mean anyone can eat it. Stealing is wrong. Especially stealing food.
  • I really don’t need to see your underwear every day. Or I don’t need to look at your naked ass when you decide it’s too hot to cover yourself while sleeping. Did you hear about cloths?
  • Don’t touch my stuff. Just don’t. If you want to move something just ask.
  • Don’t bring smelly food to the room! Dorms are not meant for eating in them. This is why Hostels have eating area.
  • If the main light is off, do not turn it on. You should have packed a key-chain light instead of your hairdryer.
  • Clean after yourself. Do not forget there is no hotel staff for your enjoyment.  Leaving dirty dishes is not ok
  • Be social. Traveling with friends can be great, but make an effort to talk to other people. For bonus points, take initiative and be helpful. Be considerate of others.

There should be a classes, in every country in the world, on how to properly behave as a Tourist/backpacker.  Anything that can help us sleep better when we travel is very appreciated. It never stops to surprise me how many people are ignorant of these unwritten rules.

Note: This post was updated in 2017 to reflect recent changes in the travel industry, new experience, advice, and insight!


Hostel etiquette

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