Reggae Mansion, Kuala Lumpur

This hostel is a perfect place to meet other travelers, and great base to explore the city. Its targeted at younger travelers who like to mingle. Don’t be put off by reviews that claim it as a ‘Party Hostel’, because the rooftop bar is far away from most of the dorms and you can have a great night sleep. Building is very stylish and I loved the decor very much. Pods are really comfy, with your own light, cupboard and locker. All the doors have a security code, so it feels safe overall. Private rooms are available as well. There are two lovely courtyards, perfect for making new friends. It was one of the best hostels I ever stayed while backpacking, even tho I didn’t like the City at all.


  • Lovely specious Pod beds
  • Very beautiful building with wooden floors and decor
  • Perfect location, with a metro station 3 mins walk away
  • Great restaurant is attached to the hostel
  • Immaculately clean all over
  • You can rent an iPad to browse the Internet
  • Lovely common area downstairs
  • Nice roof top with a view at petronas tower
  • Very spacious great showers with cold and hot water, and many of them!
  • Drinking water tap on every floor
  • Smoking shisha in the rooftop bar is a nice addition


  • Overpriced watered down drinks
  • Guests from some asian countries are discriminated.

Reggae Mansion, Kuala Lumpur

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