The best way to avoid Travel Scams

Sadly people love to take advantage of naive tourists. If you’re not careful, it’s easy to get into shady situations. Most travelers think they are to smart to get ripped off. The truth is… it happens to all  of us. No matter how prepared you think you are, there is always a chance something can happen. Its better to at least be aware and alert. There are many subtle ways to be scammed, that are very hard to spot. Use your common sense very often.

  1. The best way to avoid any scam is to pay attention. Listen carefully and ask many questions.
  2. Read up on common scams in the area before you visit a new destination.
  3. Always agree on a price before you do or buy something. Do not get into the car until price is set. Never leave the price sorting at the end.
  4. Don’t let anyone bully you into spending money.  You are not required to be polite to people who do not want to leave you alone. Don’t feel intimidated.
  5. Be always aware of your surroundings especially in crowded areas. . Avoid pick-pocketing. Do not keep all your money in one place. Spills On Your Clothing may be an attempt to pick-pocket you.
  6. Keep only small amounts of money in your wallet, so when you pay for things people will not see big amounts you may have.
  7. Don’t provide personal information to random friendly people. Do not tell people where you are staying or for how long.
  8. Be extremely wary of accepting anything for “free”. If someone offer you any help (with your bag, with parking etc) always ask first if there is a charge for it. First you may be pleasantly surprised by the free help, but in life not many things are free, especially in public spaces. Do not accept any Free Bracelets Or Rosemary.
  9. When you take a taxi, always ask them before you get in the car, if they have a working meter, and to turn it on.
  10. When someone will tell you the price of something, always ask what currency they are talking about.
  11. If the taxi driver will tell you: your hotel is either closed or overbooked, do not believe in it until you will get there and ask for yourself. Call your hotel in advance.
  12. Never let anyone near you while you’re making an ATM transaction. Make sure people behind you are away enough. Always cover the number pad with your other hand even if that feels like silly and exaggerated. You never know where are hidden cameras. Friendly ATM Helper is 99% not a helper.
  13. You can find WiFi anywhere now days, some of those free unlocked connections might be very dangerous. Ask the hotel/coffee shop/staff what is official connection to use, in that particular place you are at.
  14. Renting vehicle. Take photos of the bike/car first to document previous damage. Use your own lock on vehicle, to avoid vehicle being stolen, in case owner has a second key to the lock he provided. Don’t tell the company where you’re really staying.
  15. Do not buy train/plain/bus tickets from strangers who offer you a special  discount. Get your tickets at the source to avoid fakes.
  16. Its hard to avoid Fake Police Officers. Always ask to see their ID before handing them your documents,

World is a surprisingly creative place when it comes to travel scams.

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The best way to avoid Travel Scams

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