Stolen or Lost Phone. What to Do.

Here are some tips that will help you find your phone:

  1. Call and Text your Phone. You may be lucky and person who found the phone,  will return it to you. Maybe Offer a reward. Once a phone’s SIM card is removed, there is nothing you can do to trace or retrieve it.
  2. Contact Your Carrier. Your carrier can help you to disable phone and and transfer your SIM number.
  3. Use Find-My-Phone Feature. The find-my-phone feature is available on both iPhone and Android.
  4. If there is no hope for getting your phone back Erase it.  You can find this option in  find-my-phone app settings.  It’s the best way to ensure your identity and information are protected. If you don’t set up your iPhone before it’s been lost or stolen, there is no way to locate it or wipe it.
  5. Change All Your Passwords. 
  6. File a Police Report if you want to claim it in your travel insurance. You will need to have your phone  serial number.  Keep all contracts, warranties and paperwork regarding your phone in a safe place where you can find them later.
  7. If all else fails try adding your phone’s IMEI number to a free global database.


Stolen or Lost Phone. What to Do.

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