Why Solo Travel?

The most common comment I hear is, ‘Wow, you’re doing it alone. That’s so brave.’ Friends told me they didn’t think they could do something like this. But People fail to understand that we are never really alone.  I meet more people when I’m traveling alone than when I was traveling with a friend.

Why you should travel solo at least once?  Leaving your comfort zone is very good for you. Traveling solo gives you push you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  There’s so much to learn about the world and other cultures. Most people think organizing a trip somewhere is very hard, and they are very good with coming up with excuses. When it comes down to the wire, something always comes up. Sometimes they wait so long for the right moment, for right people, for right budget.  I refuse to wait. I won’t let others keep me from realizing my dreams. Solo travel is not for everyone, but its less scary then people think.


Traveling alone, whether you’re a man or a woman, is one of those most rewarding experiences that you will have. As a solo traveler, you are more free and open to make new friends. When you travel on your own all the decisions are yours. Doing things that suit everyone in your travel party is hard and it means a lot of compromises. When you travel Solo the only compromises are only the ones you want to make.  Solo travel lets you do what is most important for you and only you matter. Being able to do what you like is often underrated.

Learning Things about Yourself. 

Until you get yourself in new situations you don’t really know how you will react to them, or you won’t really know all of your many faces. Especially if you will get into difficult situation like missing your flight or connection. How angry you can get, how you will deal with it. There is no one else, but You, to deal with all that. Some of the most beautiful life lessons will come from those unexpected moments, when you have to decide what to do or say. Your perspective on certain parts of the world and beliefs will definitely change.


Growing your confidence is important, and solo travel can help you with that in a huge way. You are the one doing all hard work, making all the decisions, dealing with all the obstacles.  It’s nice to have someone to rely on, but it’s more satisfying when that someone is you. The experiences you have when traveling alone tend to feel more profound and meaningful. Traveling alone makes you a better observer and you can learn a lot about your inner strengths. Time spent alone forces you to really reflect on your life back home.

Easier to meet new People

You would think that Solo travel is a very lonely travel. You would be wrong. Of course there will be moments,  you wish you could share with people you love and know already.  But you would be very surprised how easy is to make new friends along the way.  People are usually more inclined to talk to you if you are alone. Its easier to join others on Day Trips, you just need to talk to your fellow travelers at the hostel/hotel/bus, and see if they don’t mind joining you. When you travel with someone else, the trip is more about shared experiences, which can be a great, but if you’re really looking to connect with a culture and its people, consider going there alone.

The most important lesson Solo traveling has taught me  is that anything is possible. Now I appreciate life so much more.



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  1. It’s something I want to try! Just need to take the leap, but your post is very inspiring!


    1. ksymenastar says:

      Happy to hear that! I hope your travels will be super rewarding. Stay Safe!

      Liked by 1 person

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