How to avoid losing a Luggage

You’re standing at a baggage carousel for like forever, slowly loosing all hope. What to do now? We all know that sense of panic when we realize that our bag is gone. Make sure you are ready. Try to prevent this situation. Losing a Bag pretty much sucks for everyone. Its a Pain, taking out time to file a claim,  and shop for replacement clothing, toiletries and personal items. Such a waste of time. Here are some tips on how to be ready.


Before you check your bag.

  1. If you can travel with hand luggage Don’t check your bag. It sounds basic, but the easiest way to keep your luggage
  2. Take a nonstop flight. Transfers are the most common reason for misplacing your bag. If you cant avoid it Use hubs.
  3. Put your name inside the bag.
  4. Remove tags from previous trips.
  5. Don’t pack to check-in bag anything you need with you the first day
  6. Take a bag picture.
  7. Make a list of content. Keep receipts.
  8. Check in on time to make sure your bag will get to your plane before its time to leave.

What to do if bag disappears

  1. Report it at airport baggage office as soon as you will notice bag is missing. Dont leave without doing this.  And Be nice and calm.
  2. If your luggage has been declared officially lost you will want your money back, especially for the lost bag contents. Sometimes you will need receipts.
  3. Negotiate the refund. You dont have to accept airline offer straight away. Know your reimbursement rights.
  4. Contact your travel insurance company. If you have bought protection for lost Luggage check the terms.
  5. Some airlines will give your Bag Fee back. Ask about it.
  6. Dont give up. Monitor the search for your bag. Get the contact number and web address for monitoring progress.
  7. Be patient. Nobody wants a delayed bag, but it’ll all work out in the end.


How to avoid losing a Luggage

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