10 things I wish I’d known before my first Solo Travel

  1. Do your Research.  You need to be prepared and have an idea of what the culture there is like. What are the Do’s and Don’ts and all the law restriction. Be ready to be surprised and research your destination. Do not over-plan things.
  2. In most cases solo travel tends to be cheaper. I didn’t have to cater to anyone else’s needs and I could save money on mostly little things. When you are alone you can freely Wander Around your destination and discover everything without any compromises. You eat whenever you want, you rest when you are tired. No wasted time. But remember about hidden costs when you travel.  It is a very good idea to have “Emergency Budget” set before you even leave. The lesson I learned about money while traveling was very useful. You will be able to save money on some things but you want to make sure you have little extra for unexpected experiences that may come across unplanned.
  3. Start small. If traveling alone makes you nervous its better to start with something close to home.
  4. Pick destination where you’d feel comfortable and safe. You can never be too cautious or alert.
  5. Use this as an opportunity to know yourself better. Make a lot of notes or journal. You will have so much fun later on when reading it all again. Collect good memories.
  6. Ask people in your life  if they have friends or family in the destination you’re going to. Having local people to hang out with can be a life saver if you are still not fully comfortable on your own.
  7. Staying in hostels can help you meet more people. Before my first solo trip, I’d never stayed in a hostel with strangers, but because of tight budget I had to do it at some point. I quickly learned that it is not as uncomfortable as I was expecting to be. People I shared a room with where super cool, and they became my temporary  travel companions.
  8. Travel is all about soaking everything in. Unplug. Don’t rush from one place the the next one. You can miss out on some amazing things that can alter your initial plans. Don’t feel like you need to make time for every thing people have told you to visit. Make your own path and skip things you are not interested in and go with your gut. You don’t need to make time for everything, because you will do not enjoy yourself enough.
  9. Culture Shock Is Real. You may find a new place difficult to understand at first some countries are so different to our own. But give it some time to adjust.
  10.  Pack very lightly. I wore half of the clothes I originally packed (I had to downsize my belongings) and the rest I needed I bought on my way in various cheap places. Generally only few items are worth buying beforehand (example: sunscreen before going to Thailand, where its more expensive then you think). Invest in good sturdy camera and bag before you go, and save all the money for other things. Get good light backpack but pick one that is easy to use. Remember you will have to carry all of those things with you all the time.


10 things I wish I’d known solo travel

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