10 Secrets Airlines Don’t Tell You

1 . Best prices for plane ticket you will get shopping on Tuesday through Thursday and the best days to pick the flight on,  are from Tuesday through Saturday (less business clients travel on those days).

2 . Airlines want people to pay for upgrades, so don’t expect them for free. There is always a chance but you need to be prepared to ask. Arrive early for your flight and ask politely for it.  You’re more likely to be successful if flight is almost full.

3. It’s standard practice for flight attendants to ask you to switch your smartphone off.  Everyone always wonders why. The issue is interference from electronic devices that can affect aircraft systems. But problems are very very rare.

4 . Most of us put up with awful meal on the plane. Not many people realize that you’re allowed to take your own meal.

5 . You need to get on the phone immediately when you find out about your flight was canceled or overbooked. While you’re waiting to see what can be done at the counter, place a call to a customer service.

6 .  About 10% of people get bumped against their will when Airlines  overbook their flights. Remember to agree only to take cash when you get bumped from your flight. Do not agree on a voucher. If you’re involuntarily delayed you can be  compensated up to 400% of your ticket value. But Compensation is capped. Remember if they will place you on another airline, you aren’t required to pay anything extra for your seat or baggage.

7 . Search for only one ticket at a time. your ticket will bumped to a higher price if there is not enough left on lower bracket. So make sure you are saving the most.

8 . Headphones, pillows, blankets and trays don’t get cleaned as often as they should. Bring your own sanitizing kit.  Do not walk around the plane barefoot. Everything has been spilled on that carpet, including vomit, baby pee, and other fluids.

9 .  If you’re on a night flight, the cabin crew will wait to serve the food when more people are asleep. This means less work to do for them.

10 . Some Airlines charge a premium for one-way tickets. Check round-trip first especially on long flights.

10 Secrets Airlines Don’t Tell You

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